U.S. / Japan Representation and Trade Support

U.S. / Japan Representation and Trade Support

As a comprehensive agency, we also offer trade support.

Using our network that spans across the United States, we take on the role of U.S. agent for our clients. Our local staff gathers accurate information and responds promptly and in detail which resolves any unease or problems that arise from the difference in language and customs, law and culture. We provide comprehensive support for a smooth and efficient launch into the U.S market. Our broad support extends to customs clearance for import and export items and marketing strategies for sales promotions.

Your U.S. Office

We provide prompt and polite customer service as we correspond with customers via phone and email, receive mail, take orders and ship products, follow up with existing customers, manage inventory and storage, and negotiate on behalf of clients.

Trade Support

We manage the administrative duties related to foreign trade on all levels including coordinating customs and forwarding agents.

Financial and Legal Consultation

Trust our staff of expert lawyers and accountants as they manage all aspects of your business, from setting up a corporate office to opening bank accounts and providing accounting services (managing payments and expenditures, taxation, etc.).