Trade-related Support

American Access can offer you extensive support by not only handling general trade duties like the passage of goods through customs, but planning marketing strategies as well.

Coordinate passage of goods through customs
Organize and coordinate with customs agents and shipping companies

Financial and legal consulting
Management of legal and financial procedures / open bank accounts and manage money (control deposits, handle taxes, etc.) / coordinate with specialists such as accountants and lawyers / provide translation and interpretation services

Sales assistance
- Research
At the client' s request, we' ll research the market, the industry, or a business and create an analysis report.

- Assistance with negotiations and business transactions
At the client' s instruction, we will follow up on negotiations and business transactions.

- Advertising and public relations
We' ll plan a marketing strategy that is effective in the United States to promote your product.

For clients considering further business expansion into the United States, we have a gRepresentation Service.h Please inquire about the many options we offer.