American Access is rich in experience and achievement.

gWhen in Rome, do as the Romans do.h There is, of course, a similar idiom in Japanese. The Japanese business world has its own etiquette and manners just as America has its own style and way of doing business. It is important to fully understand differences in culture and customs as well as to communicate smoothly when seizing a business opportunity. We at an American Access have learned the true power of communication in the United States. We have developed relationships of trust in the business world and made great achievements. Clients of American Access can expect powerful proposals and detailed service.

Through, on-site information gathering Experience at our Fingertips! We employ specialists We work as your base in the United States
In the age of the internet, information can be acquired from all over the world. However, global competition is intense and it takes more than information on the internet to stay current with changes in the market. Using our network of connections throughout the country, American Access quickly senses any changes in the industry or locale. Our proposals reflect the latest information which can only be found locally.
American Access works closely with top professionals who are active in the client's industry. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of the American market and trends; their sensibility and ideas are invaluable at the planning stage. The strategic advice of our local experts has been well received by clients.
Because there are barriers to entering the business world from Japan, the first step to success is a US base. American Access is well versed in business practices. In our role as gbridge to Americah we support our clients by responding quickly to their every need.