Privacy Policy

In addition to observing laws relating to the protection of personal information as well as other regulations, we make every effort to review and improve our policy periodically.

American Access will only use personal information for legitimate purposes such as consulting for our clients or providing a service. In the event that personal information is used in other capacities, the clientfs consent is acquired in advance.

There are occasions when we entrust the clientfs personal information to a third party, for example, to send information to our clients. In such circumstances, we select third parties who meet the required level security and supervise them closely.

We will not disclose or divulge your personal information except when we are required to do so by law, or have acquired prior consent from the client.

A manager is appointed to keep charge of personal information in a strictly controlled environment making unauthorized access, loss, destruction and falsification of information impossible. We confirm the security on a regular basis and take more than adequate safety measures.

We take quick and appropriate measures in the event that a client wishes to confirm, correct, or remove the personal information they have provided to us.